Mental Health Helpline

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) has set up a 24/7 helpline offering immediate support for mental health difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic.

The freephone number, which is staffed by mental health professionals from the Trust, will provide reassurance, self-help advice, support and signposting designed to prevent people from going to the region’s emergency departments (EDs) during the crisis.

It is available to members of the public of any age, regardless of whether they are an existing NSFT service user. The line is also open to other healthcare professionals, such as ambulance staff and GPs, as well as social care colleagues and police personnel who may need advice when working with individuals who are undergoing mental health difficulties or may wish to refer someone.

The helpline is available on 0808 1963494. Callers will hear a recorded message instructing them to press either 1 or 2, depending on whether they are a professional or member of the public, and will then be connected to a mental health practitioner.

For more information please follow the link below.

Mobile NHS Hearing and Maintenance Service For Sudbury

The new unit will be in Sudbury on the 4th Wednesday of the month between 13.00-15.00 located at Station Road Car Park.

Please pre book your hearing aid repair.  Replacement batteries and tubing do not need an appointment.


For more information incluiding dates when the service will be in Sudbury please follow the link below or call 01473 286060

Parkinson's Helpline

Suffolk-wide Parkinson’s Helpline offers a single point of contact for information and support, no matter what stage of the illness someone is at when they need help or information. The helpline supports each person as an individual and aims to enable and empower people to make their own choices and feel in control of their own lives. The helpline operators are on hand to answer questions and provide information tailored to the caller’s needs. If appropriate they are also able to signpost to other local services and sources of help, such as support groups, or refer someone to an organisation that can help.

The helpline number is 08081 642028 and operates from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.